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The ICHS Town Islamabad housing development is one of the most affordable options near the CPEC western route and the New Islamabad International Airport. The society has released information regarding current construction progress and declared possessions in Phase 1 developed blocks.

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society, or ICHS, is privileged and exists only to meet the requirements of people with low incomes or limited budgets. Due to the incredibly low prices, clients may depend on ICHS Town even when living in high-profile housing societies.

The Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society offers a fully-facilitated and comfortable living experience in the beautiful nature of Islamabad, close to the New Islamabad International Airport.

The developer emphasises this stunning location in the advertising campaign because he is fully aware of its benefits. Its future possibilities are greatly enhanced by its close vicinity to the new airport, as well as to State Life Society and Sawan Garden.


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Location & Accessibility

ICHS is located at near New Islamabad International Airport, the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society provides a comfortable living environment within Islamabad’s serene surroundings.

it is 30 minutes drive from Islamabad’s Zero Point Interchange. Direct access to the ICHS Town Location is provided via the major Srinagar Highway, formerly known as the Kashmir Highway.


NOC Status

The Town Municipal Administration of Pakistan has approved ICHS Town. The society is registered with the ICT administration cooperative societies department with registration number 313. The other information is as follows:



  • Registration No. 313, Co-operative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad.
  • NOC No. 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF from Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Fateh Jang.
  • NOC No.6/53/Misc./D-28/2008 from Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan.
  • NOC No. HQCAA/1124/44/ATS (P/C) 2693 from Civil Aviation Authority, Headquarters, Karachi.
  • NOC No. DD(EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892 from Environmental Protection Department, Government of Punjab



Developer's History

It was started in 1989, and the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Scheme is in charge of managing it.

Zoom Developers, who are based in Pakistan's capital city and built Islamabad Co-operative Housing Society, is another capital city establishment.

It is a semi-government project that was started on the initiative of a group of government representatives to provide a typical and comfortable living for people with low incomes.



Investment Aspect

The well-designed and beautiful housing society have been fast growing due to the increased economic dynamics in the area. It clearly offers a great investment opportunity in society's commercial and residential properties. Without putting much effort into it, you can increase your profits in a short amount of time. The same chance is available at ICHS Town regarding the value and promising investment prospects. Modern architecture, well-designed highways, dependable infrastructure, and state-of-the-art facilities all increase the value and worth of this investment.


Development Update

The community has installed water, gas, underground power, telephone lines, and more. With half of the work on the road network, the electrical cables, and the sewer lines completed, Phase 1 of the development is almost finished.

The housing authority has installed solar lighting on Main Boulevard to increase accessibility and environmentally friendly nature.

The most recent change in the area has led to higher pricing in society. The construction of the modern, 160-foot-wide Main Boulevard and the carpeted lanes that link all facets of civilization is complete.



 Different sizes are available for commercial plots in the society's market, the society initially divided its area into 6 residential blocks that only offered 1 Kanal residential plot. Later, the officials of this housing venture felt the need to revise its master plan and add more blocks to the residential area that now offers various plot sizes to meet demand.


ICHS Town Master Plan

The ICHS Master Plan was separated into two parts. It was later expanded to six sectors. This region is specifically designated for residential plots. The majority of the plots range in size from 1 Kanal to 10 Marla.

Following a change to the ICHS master plan, 5 and 7 Marla plots are now available on a simple payment plan. Separate sections of various plot sizes have been set aside for commercial ventures. 4 Marla commercial plots are available for investors.

ICHS master plan

Important Terms

  • Employees of both the private and public sectors, Overseas Pakistanis, former Pakistani officers, people with disabilities, widows, and orphans all receive special discounts from the housing society.

  • Corner and Main Boulevard plots will both be subject to an additional 10% premium over the scheme's expected rate.

  • Residential plots are only allocated for residential use, and non-compliance with this term will result in the cancellation of the allotment.


Payment Plans

Residential Plots

Payment Plan

Following is the latest ICHS Town Islamabad payment plan of residential plots:

5 Marla Payment Plan

PKR 7,71000 Total Price
  • Down Payment
  • PKR 451,000
  • Installment
  • PKR 8,889
  • Total Price
  • PKR 7,71000

7 Marla Payment Plan

PKR 1,057,000 Total Price
  • Down Payment
  • PKR 590,000
  • Installment
  • PKR 12,778
  • Total Price
  • PKR 1,057,000

10 Marla Payment Plan

PKR 1,507,000 Total Price
  • Down Payment
  • PKR 875,000
  • Installment
  • PKR 17,362
  • Total Price
  • PKR 1,507,000

1 Kanal Payment Plan

PKR 2,659,000 Total Price
  • Down Payment
  • PKR 1,500,000
  • Installment
  • PKR 3,1945
  • Total Price
  • PKR 2,659,000

How To Book Plot in ICHS Town Islamabad

The rates offered in ICHS Town Islamabad are introductory and will be available easy installment. In order to book your plot contact LUXMARK PVT LIMITED with the following documents.

1. Copy of your CNIC
2 Passport size photographs
2. Copy of your CNIC of your next to kin



The Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society, also known as ICHS, is a housing project initiated for middle-class families who value excellence and quality.

The creators of ICHS Town are the 22 Grade Government Officers. The Islamabad Cooperative Housing Scheme is behind the project.

Yes. The Pakistan Town Municipal Administration has given its approval to the lodging society.

The access points of ICHS town are Dhamyal Road near Kashmir Highways and Attock Road via Ternot and Qatbal Village.

The society is situated closely to following housing schemes.

  • University Town
  • Mumtaz City
  • Top City

The ICHS town covers around 5500 Kanal of land in total. However, it will soon be expanded to 9000–9001 Kanals of land due to the growth of the society.

yes, its wonderful medium- to long-term investment potential is presented by this project. It is better to reserve your plot in the lodging society now and put it on hold for a few years in order to get the most out of your savings.

Yes, there are charitable discounts available for semi-government workers, retired government workers, Overseas Pakistanis, orphans, widows, and citizens with disabilities.

The town is a legally approved society by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Yes, the residents will have access to power, water and gas 24/7.


Client's Testimonials

Muhammad Ahmed Project Engineer, Dubai

I took number of Mr. Zeeshan from Google and communicated him my interest. He recommend me good investment opportunity and I am very satisfied with their services. The whole luxmark team quite professional and dedicated.

Humaira Mahnoor CEO

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about

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